Thursday, September 30, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Minute of Silence

Censorship has reared its ugly head again at RTL Televizija. Homosexuality discussion – which had found its way into other info-tainment shows – has been edited out of last night's daily summary.

Instead, viewers had opportunity to find whose dead historical person is constestants' favourite.

Antonija would like to bring back Jesus "because he was not as solemn and serious as depicted by Church". Ana and Marina would bring back Cleopatra. Valentina would bring back Mozart. Ozren would bring back Ayrton Senna. Krešo (Kreso) would bring back Elvis Presley.

Sanja has shown its History student credentials by nominating Stjepan Radić (Stjepan Radic) and telling that his survival could have prevented all "that Serb-Croat nonsense" and "spared the world of 20th Century horrors". I wonder what would good people at SHWI did out of this little counterfactual. Short work, most likely.

Alen nominated Stjepan Spajić (Stjepan Spajic) and told that he was deeply shocked and affected by his recent death, thus giving arguments to all those who think that his political views match his hairstyle.

In the end, consensus was reached in the form of Dražen Petrović (Drazen Petrovic). This wasn't much of surprise because two girls are from Petrović's home town of Šibenik (Sibenik). In the end, they all held minute of silence for the legendary basketball player.


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