Friday, October 01, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Revolutionary Passion

According to livestream, the gang has just gathered in front of TV and eagerly awaits the weekly show to start. Name of Daria Knez, show's host is being invoked every few minutes. In vain, of course, because the show should start in some twenty minutes or so.

The gang looks rather tired, which isn't surprising considering the aftermath of Wednesday's party.

While some, like Alen in the Confessions room, seem happy with the way things turned out, others are more enthusiastic. Filip, who experienced utter coldness from Sanja while both of them were sober, is confessing to Zdravko that he had "acted like moron" and that he is unhappy with this whole "childish situation".

More important discussion occurred in the early hours of the morning. Aware that they might talk to Egle for the last time, Antonija, Sanja and Valentina decided to hold vigil and cover whole range of topics. This was good opportunity for Valentina to show his classical education credentials by using big variety of Latin quotes. It was also opportunity for Antonija and Valentina to rant about lack of social responsibility among today's generation and their unwillingness to stick their neck for their fellow man. Although Antonija tried very hard to sound like the embodiment of revolutionary passion, she was topped by Valentina. In her dark outfit and fire in her eyes that matched strong rhetoric of opinionated woman, Valentina gave impression of a woman that could have done wonders at the barricades in 19th Century Paris or early 20th Century St. Petersburg.


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