Friday, October 01, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Egle Is Out

71 % to 29 %. Not exactly a landslide, at least judging by polls that gave Egle 80-90 %.

Weekly show is still in progress, so it is too early to talk about highlights.

However, one of them was Antonija's mother in studio putting the brave face and trying to find some justification for her daughter's Jacuzzi activities.

Another was chief psychologist Tanja Pureta being caught in compromising position with Davor Gobac, Croatian rock star and show's celebrity guest. Pureta didn't talk much, but at least her words, just like the other time, gave impression coming from the mouth of experts. When talking about Egle, she used New Age mumbo-jumbo about "finding herself" while she used common sense to describing Ozren.

Daria Knez continues her routine of an average Croatian actress trying to play TV show hostess in some provincial theatre.

There were some new endorsements. Gobac endorsed Marina as his favourite candidate, describing her as "simple girl from suburbs who knows how to satisfy every need of good-looking guy".

Paola Poljak, supermodel who is hosting televised Big Brother Hysteria Party in Movie Pub in Zagreb has endorsed Filip because "she knew him in person". This is one small benefit of living in a small country.


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