Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Rich and Famous

Croatian public's insatiable need for any information about Big Brother housemates is, to a certain degree, being satisfied by media. While information from House only trickle from heavily censored livefeed and heavily edited daily summaries, information about housemates' pre-show lives are being brought to pages of Croatian newspapers and magazines.

Egle tells that she was grilled by Viktorija after being evicted from House. At the same time, Ozren's friends don't share his girlfriend's optimistic appraisal of his chances to remain monogamous and base their opinion on previous experiences.

Ana, who is becoming House's tragic heroine, had her share of bad patches before. Reporters found that her long-time romance with an Italian ended when his family objected to their son marrying a foreign woman.

Kristina, Sanja's older sister, talked about her sister having a boyfriend. The young man, who goes by the name of Marko and comes from Krapina, is an avid fan of the show and spends all of his free time watching daily summaries on TV and livestreams on Internet.

Other people are less enthusiastic about the show. Filip's mother and Antonija's mother share the shock and disgust with the way their children behaved on Alen's birthday. Both hope that nothing serious and permanent might come out of that.

The most intriguing detail is related to Alen. Reporters discovered the source of his mental anguish – Martina Brajković (Martina Brajkovic), 20-year old woman from Pazin, with whom Alen had romantic relationship. They broke off a year and half ago, but Alen apparently still carries the torch for her. The image of Martina appeared and that woman has disturbing physical resemblance to Marina.

Apparently, some of Alen's friends don't have high opinion about Martina. They describe their relationship as "exploitation" – Martina has allegedly used Alen's tendency to spend money on people he liked. Martina, on the other hand, claims that she came from the family of local entrepreneur and didn't have to rely on her boyfriend.

Whether such accusations are true or not, they underline the general impression of Big Brother Croatia as a show about rich people who want to become rich and famous.


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