Thursday, October 28, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Saša (Sasa) On the Defence

Saša (Sasa) has apparently realised that he is in trouble. Yesterday's daily show has shown Saša and three other men discussing their future in Big Brother House and realising that they are faced with formidable axis of women determined to vote them out. Their only remedy to such plan is nominating one of the women as a bloc.

In the meantime, some of the women have admitted that their nominations are getting less motivated by personal likes and dislikes and more by pure politics. In other way, those who are going to be nominated are those who are most likely to win rather than those who annoy them.

Official RTL site, which yesterday had an embarrassing 20 minutes loss of livefeed, apparently decided to let the best scoops for T-Com, Croatian ISP and one of show's main sponsors. Most of those scoops are related to whirlwind (non)romance between Alen and Marina. Last night, following alcohol consumption during karaoke party, Marina has put some whipped cream on her lips and dared Alen to kiss her. He did that and expressed utter delight afterwards. But his bliss over the third French kiss in House was short-lived. In the morning two Istrians had major row in which Alen accused Marina of spending too much time with Zdravko, while Marina accused Alen of being overbearing, possessive and immature and expressed doubts that their relationship could be as good outside as inside House.

Those developments are likely to continue for more than seven days, according to the panel gathered by Jutarnji list. Zagreb daily gathered 10 of housemates' friends and relatives and asked them who is going to be nominated. Vlatka received 7 votes, Zdravko 4, Željko 2, Antonija 2, Alen, Saša (Sasa) and Marina 1.

UPDATE: According to official website, the famous kiss occurred yesterday before the karaoke party. Whether this had anything to do with livefeed loss or not is going to become favourite subject of Big Brother Croatia conspiracy theorists.


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