Thursday, October 28, 2004

Croatians in Iraq Trouble

Luck ran out for another Croatian truck driver in Iraq. Mercifully, there is still hope for this story to have a happy end. Damir Mikulić (Damir Mikulic) has been arrested by US forces under suspicion of espionage. He was caught while shooting American military bases with digital camera. He is currently in US military custody, although nobody knows where.

According to media reports, Mikulić wanted to make some extra cash by selling photos to newspapers. Others say that he wanted to start career of freelance journalist. Some claim that he got into trouble while trying to talk himself out of trouble by falsely claiming to be professional soldier.

In any case, this isn't going to be good news for Croatian Foreign Ministry whose officials were heavily criticised for not doing enough to find about fate of Dalibor Burazović (Dalibor Burazovic), truck driver killed in Mosul few days ago. Apparently, Mikulić was arrested two weeks ago and Croatian Foreign Ministry only yesterday found out about the whole case.

In the meantime, reports about disappearance of Jakov Krpan, another Croatian truck driver, have been proven wrong. Krpan contacted his family from Baghdad and explained that he can't return home before Americans "who are the bosses down there" allow him.


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