Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Dirty Duo Triumphs

At this stage it doesn't look that either Zdravko and Marina - last week's nominees - could win the Grand Prize. But they won't leave the House empty-handed and without some title to brag about. On yesterday's small paintball tournament they managed to channel their frustrations over being outcast into martial spirit. In a way worthy of Aldrich's Dirty Dozen, they proved themselves superior to other "regular" housemates and deserved their victory.

In the meantime, at least one of on-line polls show that public dislike housemates can't be as clearly defined as public sympathies. While Saša (Sasa) enjoys overwhelming support, it is still difficult to spot the most disliked housemate. The most disliked housemates is Vlatka with some 22 % of the potential votes. She is followed by Valentina, Marina, Zdravko, Sanja and Antonija – each having between 10-16 % votes. Others are in single digits. Interestingly enough, Saša has more votes (2.9 %) than Ana and Željko (Zeljko).


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