Saturday, October 23, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Axis of Evil

Last night's weekly show had one very disturbing detail. The show gives warning about contents inappropriate for younger viewers. Yet their producers chose only children to greet housemates during evictions.

Tanja Pureta has apparently realised that she is less popular than the least popular housemate. Her appearance in the weekly show was limited and her style (hair and costume) was deliberately less glamourous than in previous installments. Her "expert" opinions were brief and broad enough to meaningless. Speculations about evictions, future nominations and relationships between housemates were left to former housemates like Ozren, Krešo (Kreso) and Egle.

Friday was emotionally very intense day for Filip. His very last day in the House was opportunity for one last major verbal clash, this time with Valentina.

After leaving House, he remained mostly positive during first interview in studio. He said that, if given a chance, he would never go to House again.

In Papaya Cocktail Club, however, his demeanour changed. That was unfriendly territory for Flip – popular nightspot, frequented by Zagreb youth who view Ozren and Krešo as their heroes and can't stand rich daddy's son with heavy Dalmatian accent. In a brief segment aired on RTL Televizija this evening, Filip in company of his parents, reacted to such hostility by saying few rather undiplomatic words about Antonija whom he considers his nemesis. There was some talk about "clan" – Antonija, Sanja and Ana. He claims that he got nominated and eventually evicted for standing in their way.

Filip's assessment of the situation is apparently shared by many Croatian bloggers. The winner of the show is all but certain and almost nobody doubts that Saša (Sasa) is going to pick 1 million HRK. The only issue is in identity of three other finalists. Everyone thinks that Antonija and Ana have created powerful alliance that would allow them to cruise to finals. The last spot is going to be matter of contention between Sanja and Valentina.

Which of those two are going to win favour of Antonija-Ana axis is everyone's guess. Some claim that Valentina has the edge because of her Southern temperament, while tonight's daily summary suggests Antonija and Sanja bringing their relationship to a new level.


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