Thursday, October 21, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: When Ignorance Isn't Bliss

There is first time for everything. That includes Big Brother Croatia housemates failing their weekly task.

The dance marathon proved to be too difficult for one simple reason – today's 20-somethings, generation brainwashed by MTV and its Croatian equivalents, has big difficulty in connecting certain styles of music with certain periods. Yesterday's daily summary showed Antonija desperately trying to decide to which period certain song belongs. During all that mess Ana left the dance square in clear violation of weekly task.

Today's daily summary, however, pointed at least some blame towards Big Brother team. The first song was "Abba" single from 1981, and all housemates believed that the bloc of songs would be related to 1970s. They realised their mistake only after Billy Idol's song.

In the meantime, it seems that the situation for Marina – both within and outside House - slightly improved in last few days. In Confessions Room Ana and Sanja expressed their regret over nominating Marina. New on-line polls show increased percentage of eviction votes for Filip (around 70 %, and even slight rise of eviction votes for Zdravko (around 20 %), which left Marina on third place, thus least likely to be evicted.

However, some rumours are talking about Filip Voloder's rich parents trying to rescue their beloved son's pride by spending millions of kunas on phone votes for other candidates, namely Marina.

I'm little bit sceptical towards those conspiracy theories, at least until next evening. Any hint of votes being rigged is going to hurt RTL Televizija. With so much polls and so big numbers pointing towards his eviction, Filip is all but certain to be evicted.


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