Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Dangerous Liaisons

Croatian media continue to deliver new information about Big Brother Croatia housemates in slow but steady stream. All those revelations are showing an interesting and intriguing pattern – the show that was supposed to be a ticket for quick fame to nobodies and average citizens is promoting the people who were in one way or another, connected to top echelons of Croatian jet set and entertainment industry.

A good example is Saša (Sasa), simple, soft-spoken blue collar biker from Bjelovar who is, according to certain on-line polls, favourite of some 75 % Croatian fans (Ana is on second place with 9,9%, others are in single digits, with Sanja being the last with 0,4 %). Even that embodiment of Croatian Joe Average can boast of having Important Friends – during his high school days he used to hang out with Mirjana Hrga, top anchorwoman of Nova TV.

It is also revealed that Sanja Kvastek is an accomplished poet who used to perform in read her works in prestigious Močvara (Mocvara) club in Zagreb . One of her poems was good enough to enter prestigious anthology of former Yugoslav poetry.

Probably the sauciest revelation is related to Antonija, whose former boyfriend is currently dating Vlatka Pačarić (Vlatka Pacaric), aspiring pop singer who just happened to be picked to perform Big Brother Croatia theme song.

Liaisons between contestants and RTL Televizija staff aren't something new or shocking – Filip is good friend of TV show hostess Paola Poljak who even endorsed him as her favourite during one of weekly shows. However, those liaisons are going to give some material to conspiracy theorists and bring some questions about real criteria used for picking candidates.

The only candidate whose entry to Big Brother house resembles "rags to riches" story is Željko (Zeljko). He is the only one to have truly difficult childhood – his mother died shortly after birth and father had to earn his living as guest worker in Germany; because of that Željko and her sister were raised by their grandmother. Željko later supported himself and his theology studies through variety of odd jobs. He is currently employed as security guard in one Zagreb bank.

Because of such biographical details that could invoke audience's sympathies Željko in the long term seems to be the most dangerous Saša's rival.


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