Saturday, October 16, 2004

Things They Do For Love

Split women are renowned for their beauty and high opinion about themselves. The latter is probably going to be increased thanks to the story about Keith van der Spuy, 40-year old South African real estate developer and head of South African Water Polo Federation.

Originally on vacation, he prolonged his stay in Split for more than a month in order to find the mysterious dark-haired woman that had captured his heart.

It all began on August 22ndm on a ferryboat that carried van der Spuy from island of Brač to Split. He spotted dark-haired woman reading a book by Ayn Rand. Since van der Spuy is Rand's fan he saw in that woman his perfect soulmate. Unfortunately, van der Spuy's ideal woman was in the presence of a man, presumably a boyfriend. After few threatening looks, van Spuy decided not to interfere.

Once in Split, van der Spuy saw Dark-Haired Woman in Caffe Bar Tribu. She smiled at him and disappeared in the crowd. After that van Spuy spent more than a month desperately trying to see her again in all of Split's bars and discotheques.

Finally, in absolute despair, he contacted Slobodna Dalmacija and issued public appeal for help. "She may be married, she may have children, and if this is the case, I don't want to create any problems for her", he said, "If she tells me to go away, I'll do it. But I just want to see her again." He also claims that, if needed, he would stay in Split for another five years.

All those with information related to mysterious woman may contact him at this cell phone number ++385 98 1837 665.

Many actually did call that number – mostly single Split women describing herself as prettier than Dark-Haired Woman and trying to set a date.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you know if you don't try.

I admire this person for his determination in finding this girl because a great thing can came out of it if he at least tries. And if he doesn't at least try he'll might always be wondering if he could have done something more. At least this way he'll get some kind of answer.

I know that alot of you are probably laughing at this guy and think he is probably some kind of stalker or thinking something less of him but we are too quick to judge him, because none of us know him personally.

I'm sure that many people had encountered someone or met someone in their lifetime for a brief moment that made such a presence/impact on them instantainously, wheather the person said or done something or even the presence of their energy and only to never have any contact with them again.

6:48 PM  

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