Friday, October 15, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: First Replacements

Today's show didn't have much surprises. Krešo (Kreso) and Ozren were brought as celebrity guests. Tanja Pureta continued to play celebrity psychologist. Daria Knez continued with "Look ma, I finished Drama Arts Academy in Zagreb, I'm an actress" routine.

The most important news is the arrival of two replacements. It is very difficult, if not impossible to get any impression.

Željko Madjarić (Zeljko Madjaric) is described as 29-years old man from Virovitica who spent six years in Zagreb. He wears tattoo, goatee, goes to fitness clubs and looks like one of the Baldwin brothers.

Vlatka Kraljić (Vlatka Kraljic) is 24-year old woman from Zagreb. It is obvious that she was brought to fill regional quotas. Of all girls in the House none was from Croatian capital – Antonija, who was born in Zagreb, speaks with too heavy Dalmatian accent to be accepted by Zagreb chauvinists. Vlatka seems to be the only housemates with university degree - in her case, hotel management. She lives with her parents.


Željko is originally from Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina. He is studying theology at Zagreb University and is avid non-smoker for the last seven years. He considers Bible to be his most valuable possession.

He resembles at least one Baldwin brother, and more than just looks. Like Stephen Baldwin, born-again Christian who defected from his Democratic family in order to attend Republican National Convention, this one is going to clash with the likes of Sanja, Antonija and (possibly) Saša (Sasa) on social issues. His background and worldview are going to make him close to Valentina.

Vlatka – it is too early to make an impression about her, but the buzz on Internet forums points towards her as wannabe Marina.


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