Friday, October 15, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Gender Wars

It is very difficult to spot new trends in the House due to a generally uplifting "family" atmosphere, but it seems that the next major conflict and housemates' grouping is going to be on gender rather than on lifestyle/ideology lines. In an attempt to make things livelier, boys and girls in the House were plotting and, at times, conducting series of practical jokes. At least some of those pranks has apparently crossed the line.

It is unlikely that the housemates, if left with any other alternative, would gladly take tonight's nomination process. But the slowly brewing gender war could have quite unexpected consequences.

However, even with nominations settled (and last night at least some of the housemates were coming forwards with their previous picks) it is next to impossible to predict who is going to be actually evicted on next Friday or would have been any evictions at all.

Alen is slowly transforming into loose cannon of the House. He is becoming visibly uncomfortable with present situation. He is too alienated from the rest of male crowd, which fuels his insecurity with series of practical jokes. His relationship with Marina is also only reflection of his own insecurity which, fuelled by possibility of him or Marina being evicted next Friday, only leads to more rash and impulsive actions. His very public display of affection towards Antonija – in Marina's presence – is another reflection of such insecurity. Other Alpha Males in the pack probably spotted this vulnerability and, in an attempt to secure their position before arrival of Ozren's and Krešo's (Kreso's) replacements, are in most likelihood trying to manipulate Alen into voluntary departure.


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