Monday, October 11, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Best Laid Plans and Weak Bladders

In this evening's daily summary RTL Televizija has decided to give slightly extended version of Saturday's Revolution. It seems that Ozren, fuelled by alcohol, revealed his strategy during the heated exchange with other housemates. Most housemates blamed him for talking Krešo into leaving. Ozren admitted that and said that it had been his plan all along; he had considered Krešo to be his biggest obstacle in the race for 1 million HRK. He also said that, with Krešo gone, he could have expected victory because he was "from Zagreb" and that he had his relatives arranging "30 phone lines" to automatically send votes.

Next day, Valentina, when asked about the incident in Confessions room, said that such story was "childish". And she was right, because Ozren hadn't taken into account shear number of phone votes needed to sway eviction one way or another. If that number was 100,000 (which is rather conservative estimate) Ozren had to pay around 366,000 HRK. Two of three more rounds of nominations would have exceeded the amount of Grand Prize.

Apart from 30 phones lines story, which was probably an attempt to psyche other housemates up, Ozren's tactics was relatively sound. He expected to fare well in the contest with the less "colourful" candidate, and that explains why he nominated Marina, hoping to sway eviction vote with the help of anti-Marina teenyboppers.

Tonight's daily summary was beset by "technical problems", most likely a product of frantic editing and last-minute decisions to keep the most inflammatory material out.

Before the daily summary RTL Televizija showed a report about Krešo's first day outside House. It was revealed that Krešo's father Ferdinand had expected Krešo to win and that now blames Ozren from being "bad influence" for his son. Krešo himself believes that "Alen and Marina are made for each other and that they would continue with their relationship outside House". Krešo said that he was surprised with the way everyone had ganged up against Ozren. He expects Saša (Sasa), his favourite, to win.

In the meantime, Marina Bajlo, clearly upset with nominations (and probably aware that her own vote could have made all the difference), has decided to reconsider her strategy and put Plan B into motion. He decided to discard Blonde Seductress image and adjust to newly discovered feminism among female section of House. She replaced contact lenses with spectacles, began wearing jeans and, finally, publicly expressed her opinion about Ozren in front of other housemates by using the word "slimeball".

With Ozren gone, housemates were kept busy by re-adjusting their weekly budget and by new task of making statues of past and present housemates.

But even without Ozren, ratings-raising incidents continued to occur in Dubrava. This time Antonija and Alen proved that carrying a hysterically laughing woman on someone's back can have rather amusing, spectacular and embarrassing consequences. "This is what the nation will remember me for", said Antonija after leaving shower and changing into new clothes.


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