Sunday, October 10, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Croatian Dream Ends for Ozren

Thanks to Hollywood and other manifestations of American cultural imperialism, most people have some basic ideas what American Dream is all about. Few people have ideas what European Dream is all about.

But those who live in this part of the world are more familiar with the phenomenon which should, for the lack of better words, call "Croatian Dream".
(Note: This phenomenon can be applied to all republics of former Yugoslavia except Slovenia, although Michael Manske of Glory of Carniola seems to disagree.)

Croatian Dream is the state in which the path to wealth, fame and luxury can be made without lifting a finger and during which it is actually preferable to be as arrogant, obnoxious and irresponsible as humanely possible to his/her fellow man. Those who try to pursue the opposite path – work hard and try to be nice to people around them – are subject of ridicule and loathing.

In Big Brother House certain characters, each in his or her own way, showed preferences for one of those paths. And Tanja Pureta and her team of psychologists was quite aware which of two principles is more popular among the audiences that fill the coffers of RTL Televizija and its sponsors.

On Friday evening it looked like Croatian Dream was about to triumph in Big Brother House.

Then in the afternoon all began to collapse. Weeks and days of careful manipulation backfired. RTL Televizija, apparently without back-up plan, stuck with the idea to stage soccer cheering event in the House, including obligatory beer.

Administering alcohol to housemates was always risky proposition in Big Brother House. Under normal circumstance they might have reacted by doing "crazy" and "cool" stuff. After Friday's and Saturday's emotional rollercoaster this was plain madness.

What Big Brother got instead was series of increasingly unpleasant incidents and verbal exchanges that came close to escalating into major fistfight. That was followed by first major rebellion and female section of House forgetting their past differences and petty politics in order to create united front against Ozren and demand his immediate departure.

Saša (Sasa) probably made worst possible miscalculation by trying to defend Ozren or merely act as neutral go-between. What he got instead is barrage of criticism and public promise of nomination by some of his greatest admirers and friends. Saša, who until last night had his final in his tight grip, broke down, apparently aware that he would have to worry about Friday's vote.

This morning, Ozren (and his handlers, if they exist) finally saw writing on the wall and announced his departure. His Croatian Dream ended. Like Krešo (Kreso), he would most likely get 3000 HRK (400 €)for his three-week stay.

Girls, delighted with their apparent triumph, demanded that RTL Televizija bring them two replacements in the form of two men who would be "real and ****s like those currently present in the House".

Pureta would probably grant them their wish by sending two males. But it is very likely that new men are going to make Ozren look tolerable in comparison.


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