Saturday, October 09, 2004

Debate Shmebate

I watched parts of 2nd presidential elections debate between Bush and Kerry. Based on what I have seen, I would say that Bush scored what military games enthusiasts refer as "minor victory". Just like Kerry's victory in 1st debate, this one was far from knockout blow and it was based more on style than substance. This is hardly surprising because townhall format favoured Dubya who managed to present himself as Man Of The People vs. Boring University Lecturer.

Most of the media and pundits are calling the debate a draw. Needless to say, the spin machinery is in full swing. Republicans are be delighted to find that their candidate performed significantly better than in the 1st debate and thus proved that he could stand his ground against Kerry. Democrats are happy because major knockout blow which, according to them, could have erased Kerry's gains from the 1st debate, didn't occur.

I, however, gained interesting impression that this debate (or election in general) might actually be decided by women voters who, for some strange reason, recently developed preference for Bush.


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