Saturday, October 09, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Uphill Struggle For Marina

Second nomination was probably the most dramatic and so far the most surprising of all developments in Big Brother Croatia. While Ozren's nomination wasn't much of a surprise – he received 8 out of 10 possible votes, but Marina getting equal number with Krešo (Kreso) was.

Beautiful People (Filip, Zdravko and Valentina) have voted on party lines, obviously thinking that Ozren-Krešo combination is the surest way to get Ozren out because of Krešo's popularity. Marina has only herself to blame for her nomination because she picked Sanja instead of Krešo. I suppose that was some political consideration in her choice – she didn't vote to alienate too much of the public by picking ultra-popular Krešo.

This puts Marina in precarious position, because in such phone-in contests teenyboppers tend to prefer lovable rogues/clowns like Ozren over the on women of Marina's type. And teenyboppers tend to make most of votes.

The only thing that can rescue Marina is public dislike of Ozren. During last nomination he received around 21 % of the votes. This might not look much, but this was against non-rival like Egle and before the incidents that made him unpopular both inside and outside Big Brother House.

Unlike Marina, RTL Televizija can be delighted with tonight's outcome. Prospect of Ozren – the most annoying housemate - staying in the House guarantees new dramatic outbursts, new conflicts, new scheming, new fights – all the things that tend to raise ratings.

Conspiracy theorists are going to have plenty of material in Viktorija's peculiar absence from tonight's show, suggestive Big Brother questions that led to Ozren's hissy fit, candidates being told to wait 2 minutes in Confessions Room during nomination and Ozren conveniently casting the decisive vote.


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