Sunday, October 10, 2004

More Powerful Europe

Today the most important event in this part of the world has little to do with anything I had blogged about yesterday. However, it could affect many of those developments in a spectacular fashion.

Thirteen years ago Ernestinovo power station in Croatia was destroyed due to military activities and one year later same thing happened with Mostar in neighbouring Bosnia-Herzegovina power station. Because of this power lines between Continental and Southeast Europe have been cut and remained so for all these years, preventing power trade between various European countries and forcing their individual power grids to rely on themselves. In case of Croatia this created annoying power cuts, recorded on this very blog.

This morning, after months and years of preparation, delicate operation of re-connecting Continental and Southeast Europe has begun. So far connection was established between Hungary and Romania, Hungary and Serbia-Montenegro and Serbia-Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Link Romania and Ukraine and link between Croatia and Serbia-Montenegro is going to be established by 13:00 CET.

Croatian power officials are so far very optimistic but they don't exclude possibility of occasional power cuts in next few weeks.


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