Saturday, October 09, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Slow News and Rapid Developments

Crew of, Croatia's most celebrated news site, responsible for the breaking of L'Affair Severina and many other stories, apparently didn't think much of last night's nominations. They bothered to publish the news with 15 hours delay (Egle's eviction took around 3 hours). continued practice of making their official forecasts. According to them, Ozren is the most likely to be evicted from House.

In the meantime, RTL Televizija servers are again down to increased traffic. Apparently, Krešo (Kreso) got too much inspiration from Dinamo Zagreb anthem being played at the loudspeakers. He simply climbed over the garden fence. What would happen next is anyone's guess. Livestream is lacking sound and it is unclear whether RTL Televizija would strike Krešo with mandatory eviction because of this, so far the most blatant, breech of Big Brother House rules.

On the other hand, this might be another clever move by Tanja Pureta and her team of manipulators. If Krešo is allowed to stay in the House, he might easily draw eviction votes from rabid Hajduk Split previously directed towards Ozren. RTL Televizija is unlikely to sacrifice Ozren - their ratings-increasing drama queen.


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