Saturday, October 09, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Krešo (Kreso) Is Officially Out

Krešo Jengić (Kreso Jengic) is first one of Big Brother housemates to leave the compound by his own free will. Večernji list (Vecernji list) reports that Kristijan Gržetić (Kristijan Grzetic), official spokesman of Big Brother Croatia, confirmed Krešo's departure from House.

Krešo has apparently decided to leave the House in order to attend this evening's World Cup qualifying match between Croatia and Bulgaria. RTL Televizija decided to grant him his wish by arranging a lift to stadium.

Gržetić says that the name of Krešo's replacement would be announced on Friday.

RTL Televizija is going to air special show this evening.


Krešo gave brief statement to RTL Televizija. He said that he felt "confined" and like "incarcerated criminal". He claims that, if not today, he would have rushed through the gate out of House on next Friday during the eviction.

Tanja Pureta apparently put the brave the face on the proceedings. With an eternal smile on her face, she dropped few phrases about Krešo's "impulsiveness".

Among the housemates, most telling was the first reaction by Ozren. He said "Does this mean that there wouldn't be any eviction vote this week?" Apparently, someone's grand scheme has collapsed.

And, which is even more important, Krešo proved to be the man of his word. He always claimed that he would flip and leave the House. But unlike Ozren, he meant it. This incident is going to hurt Ozren very badly whenever next nomination or eviction poll comes.

Of all housemates, only the ever-resourceful Saša (Sasa) tried to stop Krešo, albeit unsuccessfully.


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