Thursday, October 14, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Police State

According to Croatian media reports, Ozren has practically disappeared following his departure from Big Brother House. For at least 48 hours he and his girlfriend Viktorija Antolović (Viktorija Antolovic) were unreachable, not only to Croatian media, but even to RTL Televizija. Even his father Zvonko Petrić (Zvonko Petric) doesn't know anything about Ozren's whereabouts.

Unlike Ozren, Krešo (Kreso) still is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame and gives as much insight into the inner workings of Big Brother as possible. He says that he was "shocked" to find such hostility towards Ozren among fans on Saturday's soccer game. He also claims that he didn't have a clue about what Big Brother House would be like – he thought that he could watch movies and television.

He thinks of Saša (Sasa) as favourite, but also think that Ana could go far. He also claims that there Ana felt "attracted" to Ozren, thus sparking the disaster that would culminate on Saturday.

Krešo's appraisal of Ana-Ozren relation is shared by "Big Brother", 23-year old chief handler of Big Brother House, interviewed for the latest issue of Globus magazine. "Big Brother", or Assistant No. 1 as he calls himself, claims that he used to work as journalist, lifeguard and policeman. He says that he was present during police interrogations and that his experience helps him handle candidates in Confessions Room.

Assistant No. 1, who is, just like most of his colleagues, "visibly exhausted", favours Filip among all candidates. "He seems most intelligent, most well-read and able to engage in meaningful conversations on the greatest variety of difficult topics".

He also dislikes "maniacal smoking". Big Brother has decided to purchase only the most expensive of tobacco brands in order to reduce this annoying habit among housemates.

Big Brother also prepares (un)pleasant surprise for housemates. RTL Televizija is going offer tape of Bulgaria-Croatia soccer game on TV and four packs of beer in exchange for 500 HRK from House budget. "Expect to see conflict between male and female half of the House".

But all problems in Big Brother House aren't connected only to the interior. Assistant No. 1 claims that many people from the outside desperately try to breech security and sneak into House. Each day there at least 30 such attempts. Two men trying to "shower with Marina" came closest to reaching that aim.


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