Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Paola Erwache reports that Paola Poljak, Croatian supermodel and RTL Televizija host, claims that she is in romantic relationship with Ivica Kostelić (Ivica Kostelic). alpine skier and one of Croatia's top athletes. Paola Poljak admitted that when confronted by reporters of Arena weekly. She claims that their affair is clandestine and that Ivica Kostelić's widely publicised relationship with American alpine skier Caroline Lalive is only "a façade".

Paola Poljak claims that she felt attracted to Kostelić because he was "well-read, well-informed and able to talk about any topic".

Kostelić clan quickly reacted by issuing official denial via Ozren Müller, chief spokesman of Croatian Ski representation. According to Kostelić, him and Paola Poljak are "just friends".

Paola Poljak's story is either publicity stunt, major case of misunderstanding or nothing serious. It is very unlikely that Kostelić would leave Caroline Lalive for the sake of Paola Poljak. At least if set of certain criteria promoted by Ivica Kostelić's role models is taken into account.


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