Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Happy Time

Last 48 hours in Big Brother House were uneventful, at least compared with previous weeks. But it doesn't seem that the housemates are complaining. Jutarnji list in its daily summary admitted that the housemates saw Ozren's departure as a relief and marked the occasion with spontaneous celebration.

Everyone in the House at this time seems happy. RTL Televizija issued new task – making statues – which showed Ana as the House's best sculptor. Saša (Sasa), Antonija and Marina are also doing relatively well. Filip and Sanja seem most disheartened with the task and spend most of the time discussing previous events.

Sanja also used opportunity to share the memories of an unpleasant event when she and one of her friends almost became victims of sexual predator while hitchhiking. After that experience Sanja always carries mace or screwdriver in order to defend herself.

This story didn't do much to lower the high spirits in the House. However, high spirits in the House usually mean low ratings for RTL Televizija. This happy time is going to end on Friday. Spirits are going to be lowered by another set of nominations and after that housemates are going to meet Ozren's and Krešo's (Kreso's) replacements and finally face the end of their little utopia.


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