Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Artificial Excitement

Almost all Croatian media and commentators have reacted to Kosor's presidential candidacy by forecasting "tough fight" between her and President Stipe Mesić (Stipe Mesic). Most claim that HDZ has tight party machine on the terrain, "most reliable electorate" and that the immense media and financial resources gathered during Tudjman's reign could affect the vote more than current polls indicate.

Many "liberal" and "centrist" commentators try to sound "delighted" with the prospect of Croatia having first woman as president.

Some argue that Sanader couldn't have picked Kosor without at least something to make him confident – either some good news from Brussels or some major dirt on Mesić (Mesic).

Some of those speculations might be sound, but they are mostly result of wishful thinking. Most of Croatian media establishment wants to have something to write about during the next presidential el ections. A major, unpredictable and dramatic showdown between two strong candidates is more desirable for newspaper and television than Kosor quietly going to the gallows.

The latest issue of Nacional, on the other hand, reports that Andrija Hebrang, the main contender for HDZ candidacy and the champion of party's rank and file, didn't take Sanader's decision very lightly. After some 20 minutes of hissy fit he decided to be an obedient soldier of the Party and support Kosor.

But it is very unlikely that HDZ hardcore voters in the field would share Hebrang's new-found enthusiasm.


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