Sunday, October 17, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Men With A Plan

Not that long ago Saša Jadrijević-Tomas (Sasa Jadrijevic-Tomas), Slobodna Dalmacija repoter, wrote about Big Brother as degradation of human dignity and hinted that Egle was in his mind the only true winner of the show. In today's Slobodna Dalmacija he reveals himself as a true Big Brother fan with partisan agenda. His article about nominations can't hide the gloating over his anti-favourites being nominated and most likely to be evicted.

In the meantime, anti-Marina factions of Big Brother fans were served well by RTL Televizija editorial policy. In last night's daily summary the network used opportunity to air one of Marina's few verbal gaffes – she apparently mistook Paganini for "Gypsy name". Needless to say, Marina was immediately being called all sorts of names. Needless to say, 99 % of Croatians, when asked what or who Paganini was and offered 1 million HRK for the right answer, would say things that would make Zlatko Trpkovski – star of Big Brother Germany immortalised for his words about Shakespeare – sound like literary scholar.

Tonight's daily summary – another testament that RTL Televizija adopted editorial policies of pre-1989 Eastern Europe - offers some glimpses into new realignments in House. Filip was engaged in the nasty row with Antonija, forcing Marina to abandon her long-time ally and take Antonija's side. The row itself wasn't aired, but Filip's attempts to apologise were.

Other housemates are sizing up two new replacements. So far, the most blunt in her assessment was Valentina, saying that she didn't "connect" with Vlatka.

Alone in the room, two nominated boys – Filip and Zdravko – provided dramatic closure for tonight's segment by discussing their nominations. Zdravko said that he, if allowed to stay for extra week, would put in motion the plan he had devised for weeks.


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