Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Lost in Translation

Almost nothing of substance is happening in the House in the past 24 hours. Little glimpses from livefeeds and daily summary on RTL Televizija don't indicate any major activity or dramatic changes. Only change is gradual and inevitable gathering of nomination votes for Vlatka among women's sections of House. Marina was another to openly hint at that during her session in Confessions Room. Housemates are engrossed in their weekly task of dance marathon. Their presumed lack of musical knowledge and inability to connect certain song with certain era is the cause of major concern.

However, mistakes did happen, but they were made by RTL Televizija team. The Age of Aquarius has found its place in the musical montage that was supposed to represent 1970s. Housemates danced to the tune dressed in 1970s outfits. But the song originally appeared in Hair, Broadway musical staged in late 1960s. The version used in the montage has been from soundtrack for 1979 movie adaptation.

The lack of excitement has spread outside the House. Very few news related to Big Brother appeared in Croatian media. The sauciest bit is still unconfirmed story (posted on one of fan sites) about Krešo Jengić (Kreso Jengic) being involved in minor traffic accident on Sunday. There weren't any injuries, but one vehicle was hit by Krešo's car. Vehicle's driver chased Krešo only to find him relieving himself in the fiedld, blissfully unaware that he was involved in incident. Krešo apologised and claimed that he was still "too tired from the show", according to this apocryphal story.


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