Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Glued to Gotovina

Officially, Croatian government is moving heaven and earth in order to find General Ante Gotovina, have him arrested and extradited to ICTY. Unofficially, Sanader and his men would prefer someone else to tackle that task and thus spare the government from the wrath of all those whom they have not so long ago convinced of Gotovina's heroic status.

However, even the rhetorical distancing from Gotovina is too much for some of renegade general's most ardent supporters. They expressed their feelings this night in city of Zadar by gluing General Gotovina's posters to every window of every shop in Zadar's main street.

This morning the citizens of Zadar were entertained by the sight of hundreds of shop clerks using knives, nails, water and all kinds of tools in order to scrape Gotovina's face from the windows. They had to do it before starting their regular business. This surreal sight in many ways symbolises what Gotovina means for Croatia at this moment.


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