Friday, October 22, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Tanja Pureta Crosses The Line?

Filip Voloder is arguably the most disliked contestant of Big Brother Croatia, but there is at least one Big Brother personality who is liked even less, at least among certain sections of Croatian population.

In case of Croatian psychologists, that title goes to Tanja Pureta, chief of the team that selected the candidates and gives "expert" commentaries to RTL Televizija and other media.

This dislike has, according to Slobodna Dalmacija, has resulted in the letter signed by Dr. Zlatko Milišić (Zlatko Milisic), professor of pedagogy and sociology at Zadar University and her colleague Mirela Tolić (Mirela Tolic). They sent that letter to Croatian Chamber of Psychologists, demanding that that body investigates Tanja Pureta's activities in Big Brother House and eventually think about disciplinary measures, including revoking her license.

Gordana Biljan-Flander, member of Chamber's Administrative Board, confirms the letter but refuses to comment on the matter in public. She nevertheless says that she, "as an expert", would never take part in Big Brother for "ethical, moral and professional reasons".

Snježana Biga-Friganović (Snjezana Biga-Friganovic), chairman of the Chamber and member of Sabor (SDP), is more explicit in her criticisms of Pureta's work. She doesn't mind Pureta being involved in the project, but she feels troubled with Pureta publicly commenting candidates and their intimate relationships, namely those between Ozren and his girlfriend Viktorija.

Most members of Chamber interviewed for the article claim that it is unlikely that Pureta might get anything more than "harsh censure" on any disciplinary hearing.

The article was also the first occasion for Kristijan Gržetić (Kristijan Grzetic), Big Brother Croatia spokesman, to officially deny that Pureta and her team in any way manipulate with the housemates.


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