Sunday, October 24, 2004

Žužul in Hospital (Zuzul in Hospital)

Miomir Žužul (Miomir Zuzul), Croatian foreign minister, has been hospitalised for abdominal pains. All his appointments for the next days are cancelled. He is diagnosed with gastric ulcer.

Žužul is currently one of the least popular members of Sanader's cabinet. He used to be chief lobbyist for Bechtel. Because of that and his presence at Republican National Convention he is widely perecieved as the most pro-American member of Croatian ruling elite. His support for Sharon during visit to Israel didn't help his standing among Croatian people either.

However, regardless of his unpopularity among Croatian people, his eventual absence might hurt Sanader in difficult months ahead. Žužul is one of Sanader's few remaining allies within HDZ. Despite his pro-Americanism, in internal matters of Croatia he is one of the more moderate voices within HDZ.

Another Sanader's ally, Jadranka Kosor, is most likely going to be destroyed at the next presidential elections.

Absence of Žužul and demoting of Kosor is going to leave Sanader flanked by Tudjmanist hardliners who had supported his moderate policies for tactical reasons.


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