Monday, October 25, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Saša (Sasa) Becomes Target

Three parachutists that landed in Big Brother House are not likely to be prosecuted for their stunt. The worst trouble they might expect is the disciplinary hearing in front of Croatian aviation authorities.

Apparently, shortly after incident, one of those parachutists was roughed up by security.

In today's daily summary RTL Televizija officially announced that the parachutists hadn't been in any way connected with the show.

Tonight's daily summary also suggests some interesting political developments within House.

Saša (Sasa) was correctly identified Saša as the most popular contestant and most likely winner by Antonija-Ana axis. Therefore, Antonija and Ana know that they would have to sacrifice one of their two minor allies – Valentina and Sanja – in the final four. That dilemma would create unnecessary tension and conflict that could wreck any long-term nomination strategy. Therefore, Antonija-Ana axis has decided to move against Saša (Sasa).


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