Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Axis Breaks

November 1st is the day when Croatians have a custom of visiting the graves of their loved ones. The sombre mood from the outside has penetrated the House. Alen and Marina, the most traditional Catholics of all housemates, have made a small candle-lighting ceremony near the gates of the house.

Mood in the House was bad for some more prosaic reasons. In past few days housemates are becoming nervous, anxious and depressed. Weekly task of shooting VISA commercial is going nowhere because nobody bothers to come with the idea acceptable for everyone. Video equipment given by Big Brother is used as ersatz television – housemates record themselves trying to act like TV celebrities.

In one of those mock shows Valentina accidentally gave up the new constellation in the House. She, Sanja and Antonija were describing their victory in the game.

After that, Saša (Sasa) and Alen held emergency conference, trying to reassess situation. Alliance between Antonija, Sanja and Valentina means that Ana has drifted away from Antonija. Actually, Ana has began to spend some time with Marina and yesterday two women were comforting each other.

In rather uneventful day probably the most exciting moment came when Željko approached Marina with something that could be interpreted as very subtle romantic advance.


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