Saturday, October 30, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: The Long Wait

Most of the viewers saw something wrong with yesterday's weekly show. First Daria Knez made a mistake while announcing nominations to the housemates – Alen and Marina were left out of roll call. Then they (and audience) didn't receive the verdict on the weekly task.

This could have been an honest mistake, but it could have also been a clever tactic to make housemates as tense as possible during Saturday. On Friday there was relatively little anxiety and therefore less emotional ammunition to be spent during obligatory post-nomination party.

So, housemates were more nervous on Saturday than on Friday and this reflected in major row between Saša (Sasa) and Antonija.

The news about successful task came later in the day together with beer. Whether some ratings-raising material could result from tonight's party remains to be seen (and eventually censored).

In the meantime, things don't look good for Vlatka. On-line polls indicate 92 % votes for her and only 8 % for Željko (Zeljko). Some articles explain large number of nomination with too much tactics – she apparently studied the behaviour of contestants on television and tried to mimic them. Even her nominations tell about calculating mind – she nominated Zdravko and Marina hoping that they would be get at least some nomination votes they have received two weeks ago. Most of housemates and viewers apparently saw through her act.


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