Friday, October 29, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: First Death Threats

Egle Brožić (Egle Brozic) was first contestant to leave Big Brother Croatia house, and also the first one to experience some of the less pleasant consequences of her instant fame. Short while ago she found a note stuck to the door of her wood-cellar. The note said that she and her apartment would be torched unless she gives cell phone numbers of Saša (Sasa) and Zdravko.

In the meantime, Saša (Sasa) has began to discard his image of benevolent patriarchal leader and instead use tricks more suitable for politician fighting for votes. Yesterday's daily summary caught Saša delivering a detailed story about the trouble he had with ethnic Serb officers and soldiers while serving in former Yugoslav army. Perhaps this was attempt of self-encouragement or appeal for the more nationalist voters. If it is the latter, it won't have much of an effect. Most of the voters are teenagers and young people who don't have a clue even about more recent Croatian history.

According to the statements from Confessions Room, it seems that Marina would have less to worry about during this round of nomination. Saša, Ana and Sanja – all three who nominated her the last time – expressed their regret and complete change of heart towards her.

Last night, while the cameras followed events in Big Brother Hosue live (or with 2-minute delay) Antonija confessed even more previous connection with the RTL Televizija. She said that she knew Vlatka Pačarić (Vlatka Pacaric), singer performing Big Brother song and also said that she had worked as a hostess during RTL Televizija opening ceremony few months ago. This confession might cost Antonija dearly if public sympathies shift against her and she begins to be perceived as RTL Televizija insider or, even worse, agent provocateur in the House.


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