Thursday, October 28, 2004

Croatian in Abu Ghraib

Croatian and US authorities have confirmed that Croatian truck driver Damir Mikulić (Damir Mikulic) is under US military custody. Unconfirmed reports tell about him being detained at notorious Abu Ghraib prison.

To say that this isn't going to sit well among Croatian public is understatement. Those who were silent after the death of Dalibor Burazović (Dalibor Burazovic) are going to scream bloody murder. Otherwise decent and reasonable media pundits are going to succumb to hysteria over "evil Americans abusing our countryman".

On second thought and based on what media reported, Mikulić probably has himself to blame for this mess. Trying to make photos in the middle of war zone without any press credentials isn't the smartest thing to do. Mikulić should be lucky to fall in the hands of media-wary Americans, rather than some other characters who might practice simpler, quicker and more traditional ways of handling suspected spies on the battlefield.


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