Thursday, October 28, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Little Kiss That Wasn't

Kiss between Alen and Marina was big enough news for, site that usually doesn't try too hard to report anything related to Big Brother.

But that appraisal wasn't shared by editors of tonight's daily summary aired on RTL Televizija. Whoever gathered in front of TV set to witness that historic event was treated with less spectacular forms of interaction between Alen and Marina, like discussion about their Catholic beliefs and practices at the table with other housemates.

RTL Televizija's censorship was, on the other hand, justified by the events from the karaoke party that made kiss irrelevant in comparison. In order to fuel her willingness to sing, Marina has apparently took perhaps one or two sips too many and that was enough for her and Zdravko to start playing with each other on the floor. Alen, who witnessed this development in disbelief, didn't take it lightly despite himself being involved in much more explicit sort of action with Antonija. This led to another hissy fit and row with Marina, predictably followed by sentimental reconciliation on the next day.

Another interesting development that didn't get into TV show, but was mentioned on the site, is alcohol-fuelled moment of honesty between two complete opposites of Big Brother House – Sanja and Marina. While discussing what kind of men they like, they admitted that they like each other. Sanja even went that far to call Marina "her Barbie girl".

All those developments, however, must be viewed in the context on tomorrow's nominations. Večernji list (Vecernji list) predicts that Saša (Sasa) is most likely to get nomination votes for the first time, while Valentina might easily be among the nominees.


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