Friday, November 12, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Željko (Zeljko) Goes Filip

Patience and perseverance of Big Brother Croatia team have finally paid off. After many unsuccessful attempts to make the show more "eventful" by supplying the housemates with alcohol, last night's supply of wine finally produced some spectacular results.

Željko (Zeljko), in a manner eerily resembling the incident that made Filip famous, allowed Sanja to cut his hair and thus increased the bald population of House by 50 %.

It is very likely that this incident is going to seal Željko's fate, just like the similar loss of hair sealed Filip's fate few weeks ago. Željko, until recently seen as a quiet, unassuming, intelligent and friendly character whose sob story might have made him into the most dangerous competition of Saša (Sasa), revealed too much weakness to be seen as a favourite any more. His bowing to the pressure, alcohol-fuelled or not, is not going to sit well with the fans and housemates alike. Just as he displayed weakness after being nominated, Željko displayed weakness by allowing himself to alter his physical appearance in such sudden and spectacular fashion.

Things don't look good for Željko in this particular moment, but not only for him, at least judging by the verdict given by panel gathered by Jutarnji list. Friends and relatives of housemates, traditionally gathered before the nominations, have picked 5 votes for Željko and 4 votes for Saša (Sasa). Antonija, Zdravko and Marina gathered 2 votes while Valentina and Ana gathered 1. Denis Tasić (Denis Tasic), Valentina's father, refused to name anyone other than Saša (Sasa).

Although it isn't certain that Saša (Sasa) will be among the nominated, it is becoming clear that the Axis, or at least some of the Antonija's and Ana's allies, are going to use Saša's latest shenanigans – breaking of window last night - as an convenient pretext for elimination of the most popular housemate.

However, if Željko gets nominated, he is most likely to be evicted. His only rescue could be in the form of Antonija and/or Valentina being among nominees.


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