Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Monkey Business [WARNING: Sexual Content]

T-Com again keeps all the best Big Brother Croatia scoops for itself, leaving poor RTL Televizija website to trail 24 hours behind. Few hours ago T-Com news portal informed its readers about this morning's incident. Ana apparently caught Željko (Zeljko) in "compromising position". The exact nature of Željko's activity isn't mentioned, but T-Com's comments and Big Brother playing Robbie Williams' Me and My Monkey left very little to imagination. Ana shared her discovery with other housemates and Željko, when confronted by them few moments later, didn't confirm nor deny their suspicions.

If this is indeed what T-Com hints it is, the incident wouldn't be the first time sexual abstinence affected male housemates. In his post-eviction interviews Filip described his experiences with nocturnal emissions within the House. It is also speculated that Alen, whose attraction to Antonija was anatomically visible in more than one occasion, also had some sort of "accident" while being sat on by her two weeks ago. However, this morning's incident could be the very first documented case of Big Brother housemate trying to actively deal with sexual abstinence.

During the gender wars, female housemates were very concerned about possibility of male housemates certain bodily fluid to "spice" their make-up kits.

At the same time, women of Big Brother Croatia have repeatedly expressed their unwillingness to have sex with male housemates.

Željko became subject of Big Brother media machine unrelated to this morning's incident. Few days ago he was asked by Sanja whether he was in love with Valentina. His words "I don't know" were enough for Jutarnji list to publish title ŽELJKO HAS FALLEN IN LOVE WITH VALENTINA.


People who run T-Com's Big Brother site were apparently so excited with their scoop that they made a serious error. A video-file available at the site tells somewhat different story about this morning's incident. It was Antonija, not Ana, who discovered Željko (Zeljko) in "compromising position" and it was Antonija who rushed to share her discovery with other housemates.


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