Saturday, November 06, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Half Way There

Housemates are currently having a party in honour of their 50th day in the House. Big Brother has supplied them with ballons and Bacardi Breezers, obviously aware that the viewers demand much saucier materials than otherwise sterile and heavily censored daily summaries.

Before that, the day after Vlatka's departure was quiet and uneventful. The housemates are approaching Day 50 with the realisation that they survived the first half of the game, but that the second half is going to be more intense, more frustrating and more heart-breaking. There are 9 housemates now, but from next week the pace of nominations and evictions is going to be doubled.

This makes some housemates nervous while others are beginning to apply some long-term strategies and try to forge long-term alliances that would help them get into final four.

Željko (Zeljko), who didn't take last week's nominations too lightly, despite his otherwise cool demeanour, is trying to make inroads towards women who nominated him. He spends increasing amount of time with Valentina and Marina, leading to all kind of speculations about first real romance in the House.

At the same time, Marina discussed her own nomination with Valentina, which led Big Brother to quickly warn them about such strategic discussions being against the rules.

What is most extraordinary about Big Brother House is housemates' inability to predict who is going to be evicted. Last week everyone expected Željko to get the boot despite the polls overwhelmingly point towards Vlatka.

This time, identity of next week's nominees is complete mystery. The only lead is in the past nominations and, according to them, Željko and Marina are most likely nominees. On the other hand, if the public has anything to say, Antonija, Valentina and Zdravko should be nominated as the most annoying of all housemates in on-line polls.

Past nomination, on the other hand, shows housemates' dislikes being widely distributed so it is very likely that next time there would be 3-6 nominees. If Antonija becomes one of them, she is history.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Antonija is my favourite housemate and I had no idea she was so unpopular with the Croatian public. I hope she isn't nominated on Friday, If she is I'll be praying she doesn't get evicted. The BB house won't be the same without Antonija.

9:09 PM  
Blogger Dragan said...

As the number of housemates is dwindling, disgruntled fans of those who have been evicted have fewer people to focus their anger. At this stage, it seems that Antonija is one to be hurt by this phenomenon. Antonija having a row with ueber-popular Saša didn't help things either.

12:47 PM  

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