Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What Went Right

Many people might have mixed feelings about the outcome of the US presidential elections. However, the process itself was almost a textbook example of modern and efficient democracy.

There were some glitches, some major errors, some intimidation, some fraud, but the voting for the most part went on smoothly. There was never a contest even remotely close to 2000 Florida fiasco.

Furthermore, this election brought record turnouts. For the first time in many years, Americans took their constitutional rights seriously and exercised them in most spectacular way. Era of political apathy was, at least temporarily, over. Many European countries would love to have their citizens expressing such interest and passion in their political process.

The turnout and the process resulted in the will of American people being expressed in very clear way.

Finally, the losing candidate has put the best possible end to the whole process with a noble gesture which spared USA of another protracted exercise in political futility.

Today Americans might have many reasons to feel proud.


Blogger DarkoV said...

Proud!!? No. More like bamboozled. Again. This isn't a sore loser speaking. The Democrats had their chance. But, as like 4 years ago, the planners for the Dems just could not counter the moves of the Republicans. Damn that Karl Rove! But, being the Son of Satan, it's hard not to throw kudos his way. How'd he do it? Well, coming up with that proposal for an amendment to define marriage in the Constitution of the USA was a great move. Was George Bush going to veto it if it ever cam up for his signature? Probably not. But, what that action on Rove's part did (and I don't care what anyone else says, this idea had Rove written all over it. Who ever publicly proposed it was just another hand puppet of the administration) was to glavinize all the Fundamentalists, Conservatives, gun-toting churchgoing public. They came out in droves to vote. And guess who they cast their ballot for? Democracy? One person, one vote? Yes. But, I see this election more as democracy with a pitchfork. Fear & loathing was the theme and Cheney & Rove were the cheerleaders of this victory. Why can't the Democrats get someone to sell their soul to the Devil, just like Cheney & Rove. Instead of Kerry, we'll be in hell for another 4 years.
I still can't believe it. I feel like a stranger in a strange land.

2:00 PM  

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