Saturday, November 06, 2004

Bad Days for Kalogjera Family

Silvija Luks, HRT correspondent from Washington, is the first Croatian victim of US presidential elections. She was part of HRT Election Night Special. During the show – few hours before the actual close of the polls in USA - she broke the news about Kerry's victory, citing now infamous exit polls as her own exclusive scoop. Dražen Lalić (Drazen Lalic), sociologist from Split, criticised her for the lack of journalistic ethics and warned her about US media abstaining from using exit polls to make any projections.

This wasn't Luks' only error during the night. She misread some of the names, referred Kerry as Kennedy and Washington Redskins as Washington Red Sox. Than she got into overheated discussion with show's guests that revolved mostly about Croatian politics and brought none of the insight about US presidential contest.

For the first time in its history HRT reacted to the public criticism and announced that it would remove Luks from her post.

This wasn't the end of trouble for Silvija Luks and her family. Media revealed that her son Vibor Kalogjera recently got important post within Croatian Embassy in Washington. That led to intense speculation about Luks owing her and her son's post to her friendship with Miomir Žužul (Miomir Zuzul), embattled Croatian foreign minister.

Another revelation related to Kalogjera family came from Croatian bloggers. They discovered what could have been Vibor Kalogjera's blog. It is erased now, but the traces could be found here. Since the blog author was anonymous, we can only speculate about his identity.

But some entries are very insightful and describe the insider's view of Washington diplomatic circles, patronising attitude towards average Americans, not too much sympathies towards World Bank, author's lack of sexual activity and obsession with big breasts and, last but not least, indifference towards US presidential elections ("Bush and Kerry come from the same world, they went to same school, belonged to same secret society and would pursue the same policies").


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