Monday, November 08, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Creative Crisis

Big Brother Croatia team is in the midst of serious creative crisis. Bad weather has limited a lot of House activities and contestants are forced to spend increasing amounts of time inside. That doesn't seem to bother them and they are enjoying opportunity to be closer to each other and enjoy their family atmosphere.

Aware that the show is becoming increasingly predictable, with clans and factions forming in recognisable pattern, Big Brother team has decided to intervene. Shortly after male housemates' conference about nominations, Ana was called to Confessions Room and issued the most serious warning about nominations talks being against the rules. With housemates having to rely solely on their personal instincts rather than long-term deals, nomination process is going to be completely irrational and unpredictable – in other words, it would be unlikely that any contestant would received more than 2 or 3 votes. In such situation it is very likely that 3 or 4 contestants could be nominated, with T-Com enjoying at least two times bigger profit than in normal circumstances.

At the same time, Big Brother Croatia team has apparently ran out of ideas to make the show more interesting. In desperation they turned to Jutarnji list and organised a contest for their readers. They are supposed to come up with the idea for the most imaginative daily task. The winner may get 15,000 HRK (cca. 2000 €) and TV set.


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