Monday, November 08, 2004

Žužul (Zuzul) To Lose Sabor Majority?

Miomir Žužul (Miomir Zuzul) and his wife Tatjana have filed lawsuits against, Večernji list (Vecernji list) and Slobodna Dalmacija. They claim that they are more interested in clearing their names sthan in eventual financial compensation.

Žužul may have his day in court, but the day in Sabor is less likely to go his way.

Representatives of SDP, HSS and HNS in Sabor have officially filed a motion for Žužul's removal. Novi list reports that the opposition's initiative was supported by two parties of Sanader's governing coalition – Serb nationalist SDSS and pensioners' HSU. Those two are apparently using the affair to force Sanader to fulfil many of his promises he hadn't delivered to ethnic Serbs and pensioners in last year.

Of ethnic minority representatives that support Sanader only Šemso Tanković (Semso Tankovic) of Bosniac (Muslim) SDAH has promised to stand by Croatian foreign minister.

It is unclear whether other two Sanader's partners – right-wing parties DC and HSLS – would be for Žužul's removal, against or simply abstain when it comes to vote. Supporting Žužul's removal might help HSLS and its presidential candidate Đurđa Adlešić (Djurdja Adlesic) to get more votes.

With SDSS and HSU number of Sabor representatives supporting Žužul's removal has increased to 79. This is two more than necessary majority.

However, it is possible that the procedure could last for a month, allowing all kinds of horse-trading and last-minute deals that could save Sanader from major embarrassment and loss of his chief political ally. It is also possible that Žužul's removal might lead to Sanader's fall and new parliamentary elections, especially if it coincides with Kosor's defeat at presidential polls.


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