Sunday, November 07, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Axis Reformed

Public warning sent to Marina and Valentina about nomination deals apparently had major effects on House alliances. While Saša (Sasa) and rest of the male clan commented on the two girls making alliances, Antonija was more concrete in her reaction. Seeing that Valentina – part of the trio that was supposed to follow Saša in the final four – defected to her old allies Marina and Zdravko, Antonija apparently decided to patch up her relation with Ana. So, Ana-Antonija is again operational, with Sanja being brought back into the fold.

In the meantime, show producers have reasons to be disappointed with the way housemates behave in past few weeks. After the roller-coaster ride of first few weeks – exhibitionism, Sanja making out with males and females, rows etc. – Big Brother House is settled in what everyone describes as "family atmosphere". Even the gender wars seem to be subsiding and housemates show less willingness for even the most innocent of practical jokes.

Last evening RTL Televizija tried to steer up things with party and heavy supply of alcohol. Housemates apparently didn't take the bait. All except Sanja who was too enthusiastic about it and had to spend large amount of evening hugging toilet bowl. Party quickly fizzled after that.

Outside the House, public's willingness to see Vlatka out is matched by public's praise of the way she reacted to her verdict. Vlatka has put the brave face on her eviction and has nothing but good things to tell about her experience. In the interviews she said that the only difficulty was undressing. She didn't want to appear naked, "because of her parents, not her own shyness".


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