Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: No November Revolution

Weekly task of having to go through ropes is making housemates increasingly nervous. Inability to reach toilet on time has already forced Saša (Sasa) to relieve himself in the yard. And the housemates are getting convinced that they aren't going to successfully finish that task.

Last evening Saša (Sasa) tempted the housemates with the idea of deliberately sabotaging the task. Sanja reacted to that with the idea to push the rebellion even further – namely, to abstain from obligatory morning aerobic. All those rebellious thoughts were channelled into some sort of plan to cut all the ropes in the middle of night.

However, all those who had stayed awake in order to witness the Big Brother Croatia Revolution were disappointed. Those more familiar with Croatian history were probably taking the wiser course of action in the form of sleep. Namely, Croatians might spend much of their time complaining about oppression and exploitation, but they rarely do something about that, especially when the action requires significant physical and mental effort or risk of personal and financial injury. This phenomenon, which had benefited ancient Frankish kings, Hungarians, Venetians, Habsburgs, Serbs, Communists and EU bureaucrats, have served Big Brother Croatia team very well. The housemates, despite all of their rebellious rhetoric, preferred good night of sleep to any action that might have led to the loss of their nutritional and other privileges or eviction from the House.

In the meantime, Valentina is going to lose some sympathies among more socially conscious Croatians. The media has revealed some details about her mysterious and still anonymous, but "very successful" boyfriend from Sarajevo with whom she had the "row over her decision to join Big Brother". More interesting is Valentina's refusal to accept Renault Megane as her parents' birthday gift. Instead she opted, as "real Herzegovina woman" for BMW, which she later received.

New details also emerged about Ana. Second most favourite housemate is acquaintance of Goran Višnjić (Goran Visnjic), Croatian actor of ER fame. She played with him in Šibenik's children theatre and later kept in touch. However, Ana was not supposed to be in Big Brother. Her sister Irena Gotovac was supposed to apply to the show, but the exams schedule forced her to change her mind. Ana went instead "as a joke" and landed in show to everyone's surprise.

Some may argue that Irena Gotovac's absence from Big Brother House isn't the only case of wrong sister entering the show. Paola Bajlo, sister of Marina, is a sophomore student at medical school. As such, she appears to be more qualified to deal with Alen. She may not look like Alen's type of Ideal Woman nor she may help Alen with overcoming certain issues, but her expertise might be priceless when it comes to dealing with the housemate who proved to be the most prone to physical injury.


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