Thursday, November 25, 2004

Dragun Denies Everything

Denis Dragun, Split bar owner who recently became one of Croatia's dark celebrities due to his alleged spreading of HIV on purpose, appeared on the talk show on TV Dalmacija. I didn't catch all of the show, but Dragun, who is former schoolteacher, talked very slowly, measuring each word, in a manner more suitable to classroom than television. However, apart from looking somewhat underweight (which is basis for all HIV rumours), he left good impression. He denied ever having HIV and said that he would make the HIV test and later inform the public about the results.

Saša Ljubičić (Sasa Ljubicic), show's host and Slobodna Dalmacija columnist, probably hoped that the show would be focused on the issues of privacy and public health. Instead, Dragun has switched the course of discussion towards his years-long feud with City of Split officials and spent most of the time discussing arcane and complicated business arrangements and legal entanglements related to his Luxor bar – one of the most attractive spots in Split.


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