Sunday, November 14, 2004

Storm of the Month

Unlike last year, I didn't blog much about weather. Last few weeks were, however, interesting. Dalmatia in late October and early November was constantly affected by jugo, warm and wet south-eastern wind which Italians call scirocco. The wind tends to have major and negative effect on the nerves of more sensitive people (and ancient laws of Dubrovnik Republic forbade any kind of judicial deliberation while jugo blew). The effects on the weather, however, were more palpable. The wind blew for so long that the temperature remained in low to mid 20s (Celsius), which is unusually high for that part of the year.

Of course, this state of affairs couldn't last long and cold fronts struck with the vengeance. In only few days heavy rains and strong northern winds have decreased temperature below 10 degrees, forcing some people to wear parkas.

But the biggest storm occurred last night. Rain accompanied by northern wind have struck Split. It is too early to tell about aftermath, but some cars are damaged, some trees fell, air and ferry traffic is in complete chaos. Most annoying are the constant power-cuts that make blogging very difficult, to say the least.


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