Friday, November 12, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: In The Jaws of Uncertainty

The housemates have failed their weekly task. This was hardly surprising, both for the housemates and public.

However, much less certain course of the events awaits housemates this evening during nominations. It is very likely that this evening's nominations are going to be the least predictable. For the first time, anyone in the House has to worry about being nominated. It is very likely that only 3 or even 2 votes are going to be enough for nomination. It is very likely that there would be 3-6 nominees, which would be delightful course of events for T-Com, Croatian phone company and show's main sponsor.

This is how, according to some predictions and some estimates, housemates stand:

Sanja – least likely to be nominated this evening, but not because housemates like her; her staying has more to do with housemates not seeing her as threat or competition at this stage; she might get a nomination vote from Zdravko, Marina and possibly Saša; she is not going to get vote from Antonija who sees her as an ally

Alen – as semi-official court jester of the House, he has relatively little to worry, but his antics might get on housemates' nerves; he might get nominated by the Axis or might get nomination from Saša and Zdravko who see him as too close to girls; he might get a vote from Ana and Antonija (who begins to feel threatened by his constant arousal); he probably won't get vote from Marina

Marina – she did well in patching and repairing relationships with almost every other housemate, including Axis; those efforts, if become too obvious might backfire; also, those who dislike Alen might nominate her in order to force him to abandon the House; Sanja is most likely to give her a vote, Antonija is next; Alen is unlikely to give her vote, just like Valentina who went on record with that

Valentina – her domineering personality, closeness to Axis and publicly floating her plans about securing the place in final four might be her undoing; she might get votes from Saša, Zdravko and possibly Sanja; she probably won't get votes from Marina or Željko

Ana – the major problem for her is too apparent in male part of the household and not taking rejection lightly; men could nominate her only because they fear that they she could retaliate by nominating them; she has most to fear from Alen, although votes from Antonija and Sanja aren't out of question

Antonija – probably the only candidate that has at least two nomination votes all but secured; Saša and Zdravko have already identified her as threat and they might act upon at; it all depends whether she would get a third vote; the only housemate she doesn't have anything to fear from is Sanja

Zdravko – some don't like his coldness, some don't like his macho arrogance; in any case, he isn't particularly liked with women, especially those that appear to feel rejected like Ana; she might get nomination vote from Antonija and also one from Marina or Valentina; he is unlikely to be nominated by Saša, Zdravko, Željko and Alen

Saša – in past few hours he did plenty to make some other housemates, namely females, nervous; he might easily get nomination votes from Antonija and Sanja (whom he grazed); he is not going to get nomination votes from Saša and Zdravko

Željko – the most likely of all to be nominated, for a simple reason of not being among veterans; he might get all the votes Vlatka got in the last round; another problem for him is too much resemblance to Filip before his nomination


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