Sunday, November 14, 2004

Two Aleksandars

Nedjeljom u 2, HRT political talk show hosted by now legendary Aleksandar Stanković (Aleksandar Stankovic) had one very interesting guest. Aleksandar Tijanić (Aleksandar Tijanic), Serbian journalist once called "The Giant of Croatian Journalism", former minister of informations in Milošević's (Milosevic's) government and present-day director of Serbia's state-owned RTS television, have appeared in the show. Stanković (Stankovic), is known as a very tough and sometimes very unpleasant host and he had earned a lot of enmity among Croatian right-wingers both for his liberal views and for being ethnic Serb. However, today, while hosting the colleague with whom he shared first name and ethnicity, he transformed himself into born-again Croatian nationalist and savagely attacked Tijanić for collaboration with Milošević. Tijanić, who had been through much worse things (including alleged price on his head after falling out with former Serbian president) than being guest in hostile talk show, handled himself relatively well, although his refusal to brand Dragoljub "Draža" Mihailović (Dragoljub "Draza" Mihailovic) as fascist probably won't sit very well among Croatian audience.


Blogger # anastadisa dolorosa said...

Stankovic took the same stance in respect not only to Tijanic, but other Serbs. Not being able to accept the aggressor role in the recent war, as a sort of collective self-deceit, is the key problem in Serbian society today, and the major obstacle for reestablishment of severed ties between two countries. And more than often, this is coupled by forging of the WWII history. Therefore, I don't mind posing such questions at all.

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