Sunday, November 14, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Željko (Zeljko) Leaving the House

This Sunday brought the most surprise twist of Big Brother Croatia. In a move that would be seen as the worst blunder in history of the show, Željko (Zeljko) has announced his voluntary departure from the House. The pressure of two consecutive nominations was apparently too much for him. When he gets out, he would be very surprised to find that the polls showed more chances for Sanja to be evicted rather than him.

His departure would make this week's nominations moot and might completely change the power balance in the Hosue. With 3:5 male to female ratio and with Axis keeping two of its allies, Good Old Boys – Saša (Sasa) and Zdravko – are going to be in big trouble on Friday. Sanja might get nominated again on the basis of continuity, but the votes that previously went for Željko might be distributed among Marina and Zdravko.

In the meantime, news about Marina's reading preferences have reached Miljenko Jergović (Miljenko Jergovic), one of Croatia's most celebrated writers. He was obviously very flattered with the way in which some of the housemates – who in the past didn't show much fondness for the written word – expressed their admiration for their work. In yesterday's Jutarnji list he replied in kind with an article in which he had only the kindest of words for housemates ("They might not know who Paganini was, but at least they don't show tendencies towards domestic violence, patriarchal morals, female submission to men, anti-gay bias and they handle animals kindly").


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