Friday, December 31, 2004

Torn Apart

Same forces that tore entire country apart are now doing the same to a family.

Jelena Dokić (Jelena Dokic) was born in Osijek, regional capital of Slavonia, Croatia. Her father Damir Dokić (Damir Dokic), ethnic Serb, later moved to Belgrade. Jelena came into public spotlight by becoming a great hope of Australian tennis. Then, following the widely publicised feud between Damir Dokić and Australian tennis officials, she returned to Belgrade where she became great hope of Serbian tennis, much to the delight of her father Damir Dokić (Damir Dokic). Dokićs used their fame to re-invent themselves as hard-line Serb nationalists and they were supported Vojislav Šešelj (Vojislav Seselj) and his far right SRS party on Serbian elections.

However, Jelena Dokić is now on a way to become a great hope of Croatian tennis. Just like many female tennis stars, she had major falling out with her father and now, to his utmost horror, lives and trains in Zagreb. To make things even worse for Damir Dokić, she is currently in romantic relationship with Tino Bikić (Tino Bikic), brother of her coach.

Damir Dokić has recently began to vent in his anger on the pages of Belgrade tabloid Kurir. He called Jelena back and accused "Ustashas" or "brainwashing" and "converting his daughter to Catholicism" in order to deprive "Serbian tennis of its major star". He also promised that he would "avenge this dishonour".


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